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Drink & Paint!

約五十年前,即 1973年,畢加索名畫《酒神祭》成為了一瓶紅酒的商標,震驚世人。因為大家都相信畢加索本人是不會願意將自己的畫作成為商業用途。當然,他本人真的曾拒絕那酒莊的要求。只是在他去世後,他的遺孀及女兒卻答應了酒莊的再次請求,造就了這件「美事」。當然,這批貼有《酒神祭》畫作的紅酒也成為了當時極具價值的佳釀。如果你擁有這個酒樽的話,絕對是價值連城的收藏品。
今日,你都有可能成為下一個畢加索。因為 #李德記 將會聯同藝術家 Sarah Leung 一齊來個 Drink & Paint 的 Art Jamming。以 #李德記 的品牌 logo 作為創作靈感,為我們一瓶酒畫下商標。也許,這就是我們孕育下一個藝術家的開始~
Fancy creating your own wine label? Your chance is here! LQ's first ever Art Jamming is coming in 2 weeks time!
In this 2 hour session, you’ll meet our multi- talented artist Sarah Leung, who will guide you through to make your one-of-a-kind wine label with 2 glasses of complimentary drinks, the best part is, you will have a bottle of wine to take home under your label!
No artistic experience required, we will provide everything you need!
Unleash your inner creativity, come join us now!

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