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Siu Mei & Wine Pairing

機會嚟喇飛雲!!! — 自從同大家提過想同大家分享點樣將廣東燒味配搭葡萄酒之後,一直都有好多朋友問幾時有得參加。終於有機會喇!我哋 #李德記 今次夥拍 #文興酒家 一齊做 Siu Mei & Wine Pairing 🍷為大家喺復活節假期帶嚟好節目!

The Wait is Over!!! Siu Mei & Wine Pairing is coming. @leederquay is going to partner with #FourSeasonChineseRestaurant to share how we pair the Guangdong Style Roasted Meat with Wine during this Easter Holiday. Come join us!

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