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SPECTACULAR South Africa Experience Store

精彩南非 盡在四月】

SPECTACULAR South Africa <精彩南非> 是一為期一個月的年度活動,由南非葡萄酒 協會 (Wines of South Africa, WOSA) 主辦, 以慶祝 4 月 27 日的南非國慶日(也稱為自由 日)。1994年在當天舉行的第一次種族隔離後選舉,曼德拉當選為第一位黑人總統。

活動於 2014 年首次推出, ,今年是第 10 屆。我們與葡萄酒商合作,邀請餐飲店和零售 商在 4 月份推出不同的南非葡萄酒推廣活動,慶祝彩虹之國的誕生。今年我們有超過 100 間參與商戶,包括五星級從酒、主題餐廳、酒吧、連鎖超市、葡萄酒專門店及網店等。

在2021年登陸香港的 SPECTACULAR South Africa <精彩南非> 體驗館將於今年 4 月 24 日至 5 月 10 日重臨中環街市。 體驗館合作夥伴包括南非葡萄酒協會、Brand South Africa 和南非駐香港領事館,旨在提升 南非國家的形象,展示南非卓越的世界級產品,吸引香港消費者。

Organised by Wines of South Africa (WOSA), SPECTACULAR South Africa is an annual, month-long campaign to celebrate South African National Day (also called Freedom Day) on 27 April, when Nelson Mandela was elected as the first black president to lead the country in 1994.

First launched in 2014, this year is the 10th edition of the campaign. Working with wine importers, we invite F&B outlets and retailers to launch their South African wine promotions during the month of April to celebrate the birth of the rainbow nation. We have over 100 participants this years from leading hotels to cosy restaurants and bars, supermarket chains to specialised wine shops as well as online wine e-stores.

In addition, SPECTACULAR South Africa Experience Store, the pop-up store debuted in 2021 with much fanfare, will be returning this year in Central Market from 24 April to 10 May. A collaboration among various partners, comprising of Wines of South Africa, Brand South Africa and the South African Consulate General in Hong Kong, the pop-up store seeks to enhance the image of the South African country brand and showcases some of the country’s pre-eminent, world-class exports with consumers in Hong Kong.

SPECTACULAR South Africa pop-up store:

* Date: 24 April - 10 May 2023
* Time: 12:00 noon -8:00pm
* Address: Shop 123, 1/F Central Market, 93 Queen's Road Central