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Set Includes:K&P Mulled Wine- After relocation to Hong Kong, Katya & Pete were cornered i...

Set Includes:

K&P Mulled Wine
- After relocation to Hong Kong, Katya & Pete were cornered into making a mass batch of Mulled Wine for a beach party. Despite only having half the required ingredients and being massively hungover, they produced a drinkable batch of wine to keep everyone going. After that Katya & Pete thought they’d better have a decent version available for next year. So Katya & Pete made it. After refining an old family recipe over the years K&P now provide what they consider to be the best Glühwein available in Hong Kong.

“L” & “Q” Mugs

Candle Set
- Handcrafted by a local artisan based in Mui Wo, scents are exclusively created for Leeder Quay.

- Scents: Whisky, Rum, Cigar. 

Beer Mat 1 pair
- An exclusive designed beer mat with showing various scenarios on Lantau Island. Make a guess of where these places are?

- A postcard hand-drawn by a Hong Kong artist, showcasing the storefront of Leeder Quay Mui Wo.

“Snake Eyes” Corkscrew
- This is the Waiter’s Friend with a difference! Made from stainless steel with rosewood handle to ensure a solid, weighty feel in the hand with a touch of warmth between your fingers.

In case any wine from the chosen package is temporarily unavailable, we shall replace it with an equally good wine (if not better)!

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