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Bon Bon

Set Includes:Boplaas The 1932 Block Hanepoot 2015- A lusciously sweet, mouth-watering palate of c...

Set Includes:

Boplaas The 1932 Block Hanepoot 2015
- A lusciously sweet, mouth-watering palate of crammed full of fresh sultana, honey, melon, fig leaf, lemon and lime marmalade undercurrents, all buoyed by zippy acidity and lingering hints of citrus rind and subtle minerality.

Keermont Fleurfontein 2019 (Half Bottle)
- The palate is full and creamy with concentrated flavours of dried fruits and marzipan with a grassy freshness.

Sakurau Togouchi Coffee Blended Whiskey
- Hints of sweet vanilla, the peaty scent characteristic of whisky, and the pleasant taste created by the rich aroma and flavor of dark roast coffee beans in perfect harmony.

Candle Set

- Handcrafted by a local artisan based in Mui Wo, scents are exclusively created for Leeder Quay.

Scents: Whisky, Rum, Cigar. 

Beer Mat 1 pair
- An exclusive designed beer mat with showing various scenarios on Lantau Island. Make a guess of where these places are?

- A postcard hand-drawn by a Hong Kong artist, showcasing the storefront of Leeder Quay Mui Wo.

Glass Tumbler 1 pair
A perfect base for your everyday drinking companion!

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Set of 6 - Tong With Storage Case
- Your spirits best friend by cooling the drink without diluting the flavor. Bring it to any occasion and keep the original taste of the drink!

In case any wine from the chosen package is temporarily unavailable, we shall replace it with an equally good wine (if not better)!

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